Become #UnapologeticallySexy With My
FREE Sensual Dance Starter Kit

✅ Detailed easy to follow video workshop
✅PDF cheat sheet of top 10 songs to dance and practice to
✅PDF cheat sheet of what to wear and what NOT to wear
💜  Nothing fancy needed, just yo' self!
Any woman wanting to feel sexy should do this!


Here's why you need the FREE Sensual Dance Starter Kit

Hey there gorgeous! I'm Diane :)

I am so looking forward to having you dip your toes into this sensual dance video. I believe that MOVEMENT in your BODY creates MOVEMENT in your LIFE.

My personal love of feminine movement stems from 10+ years of teaching women how to sensual dance in my studio - Venus Pole Fitness.

After working with thousands of women, I've found that so many of us want to feel sexy in our skin, love our bodies and ROCK our confidence. Sensual dance continues to provide that for myself and my clients.

My Sensual Dance Starter Kit was created out of necessity. I want to share with more women around the globe about this unique way to really feel alive and become #UnapologeticallySexy.